Launcher Joy with Alfred & Dash

While working with Bourbon I discovered Dash, a documentation browser that let’s you connect to 130+ documenation APIs. It’s pretty sweet.

Even more awesome is that it integrates with the launcher of your choice, such as Quicksilver, which I’ve been using for almost 2 years now. The problem is that the Dash-Quicksilver integration didn’t seem to work for me, even after several troubleshooting attempts and a failed re-install. So recognizing that I haven’t really taken the time to acquaint myself with the true power of Quicksilver, and thus was not deeply invested in it, I decided to try Alfred, another launcher that appears to be highly regarded.

After installing Alfred, and the optional Powerpack (which is actually required to make integrations work), I’m now able to access Dash by bringing up Alfred with a couple of key strokes (^ + spacebar in my case) and voila: you can query any docset you’d like without even touching your mouse. Type dash and any term you want:

Using Dash with Alfred

Which gives you results for all relevant languages:

Dash results for all languages

Or if you want to query a specific language then, for example, type bourbon and your desired term:

Using Dash with Alfred to query Bourbon

Which then gives you results for the specific queried language (in this case Bourbon):

Dash results for just Bourbon

Also sweet is the integration for Sublime Text which allows you to query any term your cursor is sitting over by hitting ^ + h which automatically detects the syntax of the document you’re working on. Gaaaaah, so simple.

And I know I haven’t even scratched the surface on Alfred’s workflows.

[06-13-14] P.S. Soon after posting, I discovered this article at A List Apart which covered the same topic, but months ago.

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