Key Quest - Window Pane Management in Sublime Text

I’m trying to get fast in my development environment, which means staying on the home row as much as possible.

Here’s some quick tips I’ve picked when working with tabs in Sublime Text:

Origami is an awesome package for managing panes in ST2/3. It is keyboard driven. I’ve come to rely on super + 1, super + 2, etc. for switching between panes as I typically like to have corresponding markup and style documents side-by-side. And just today I figured out you can use super + k and then shift + arrow key to move tabs from one focus group to the other. Very nice.

To eliminate mousing over to the project directory in the sidebar I also just discovered ctrl + 0 which focuses on the sidebar, allowing you to use the directional keys to navigate the directory.

And one last thing: to support my ongoing quest for keyboard mastery I found CheatSheet, an always-ready cheat sheet for keyboard shortcuts that you can bring up by holding cmd/super and it works for lots of different apps!

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