Working with Mail Templates Locally in Rails

We’ve been working on the Tinyplots site for our second growing season and recently needed to check on what our signup emails were doing. I set up transactional emails on our app over a year ago, and since have completely forgotten how I set them up and tested them. In preparation for this season we needed to tweak and preview our mail template without signing up and paying for our own service repeatedly. Nuh uh.

So I looked at a gem called Letter Opener by Ryan Bates which seemed like a good option. I also looked at the method described here on StackOverflow which also seems simple enough…

… but then I remembered we already used the MailView gem which allows you to preview your mail templates directly in browser with our actually having to send the email. Once the gem is installed you simply go to localhost:3000/mail_view which gives you a menu of your different mail templates that you can view directly in your browser.

Our humble welcome email.


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